A Users Manual for the Body – Series 1

A Users Manual for the Body
Series I: From the Ground Up

Dates: Tuesdays July 7,14, 21 28 (7-8:30pm)
Location: Living Aikido, 505 West El Roblar, Meiners Oaks, CA
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All Four Classes: $50
Single Class: $15

Taught by David Hurwith
For questions: david@ritualandresearch.org

The body is a dynamic collaboration between genetics, daily use, and quality of perception. By bringing awareness to basic anatomy and patterns of use we become empowered to make simple changes offering ease, longevity and vitality.

This class series focuses on the bones and muscles of the feet, the 3 joints of the legs, and the anatomy of the lower back. Students will engage practical information and exercises that can be incorporated into daily living. All are welcome.

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