R&R Inc.

Ritual & Research Inc. is a non profit organization founded in 2005 by David Hurwith. Our mission is to create opportunities for practitioners in the Arts and Somatics to develop their work. These practitioners gain support for their process in the form of working retreats, classes or performances where they offer excerpts of their work to peers, students and the public.

R & R has awarded residencies to a variety of artists including relatively unknown dancers, profound healers and choreographers of international stature. We have produced workshops by teachers, such as Lee Morgan and Steve Paxton, as well as performances by Jmy Leary and Christie Svane, The organization is interested in responsible people with clearly articulated objectives, or artists who can offer inspiring and demonstrative examples of their work.

Although most of the residencies are by invitation, people may apply by emailing david@ritualandresearch.org.