David Hurwith

David HurwithDAVID HURWITH has been creating and presenting dances since 1981. These dances have been performed at theaters in the United States and Europe The dancing has been informed by Mr. Hurwith’s immersion into Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement and Body-Mind Centering®. The inspiration of Jazz music with its sublime evocations of idiosyncrasy and moments of humor have led David to experiment with a variety of methods and forms in creating work that express the beauty and irony of many human moments and the possibilities inside perception.

As a student David Hurwith was blessed with the presence and vision of great teachers; Jack Moore, Martha Wittman, and Lisa Nelson at Bennington College and Eva Karczag, Eric Beeler and Steve Paxton in New York. Their examples lead David to offer classes in Authentic Movement, Dance Improvisation, and Somatics. These days as an artist and explorer David enjoys working with Mira Kingsley, MIke Vargas and Alison Zuber.